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Otocec Castle Hotel Slovenia

Castle Hotel Otocec SloveniaSituated on the island on the river Krka, Otocec castle is one of the most romantic sites in Slovenia. Also, it is the only castle in Slovenia surrounded by water.

The Otocec castle houses a fine restarant and a luxurious hotel. Adjecant park offers a pleasant walk, observing the fish in the clear waters of Krka river. Two bridges connect the island with the main land, accesible by car. Free parking in front of the castle.

Restaurant and Cafe
Castle restaurant has capacity of 60 persons, and many more can be hosted in the castle's inner yard, and the open air area.

Castle Hotel
The five star hotel can accommodate about 40 people its apartments and double rooms. Additional capacity is provided in the nearby hotels, also owned by Krka Terme company.

Being such a romantic site, the castle is an idea location for romantic weddings. Addional services are to arranged directly with the reception, such as horse-drawn carriage, white balloons and white doves, violinist, etc.

Opening hours:
Hotel is open non-stop. The restaurant and cafe serves between 7am and 10pm.

Otocec Castle Hotel 
Tel.: +386 7 / 3075700 and + 386 7 / 3075701

How to get there
When coming to Ljubljana, there is a convenient train that takes about 2 hours from Ljubljana to Novo Mesto. Then there is a convenient biking path from Novo Mesto to the village of Otocec, so it may be a good idea to check whether your train takes bikes on board.

Free pictures of Otocec castle
These pictures of the castle are available for a free download. Author: Ondrej

Castle Hotel Otocec Slovenia Castle Hotel Otocec Slovenia Castle Hotel Otocec Slovenia

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