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Medieval castles in Slovenia

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Slovenia Castles

There are about 500 castles, manors and ruins in the beautiful country of Slovenia. Many castles has been restored to house museums, galleries, restaurants or even a five star hotel. Maybe the most famous is Predjama, a castle built into the cave. Other picturesque castles include Otocec situated in middle of the river and Mokrice castle.

Otocec Castle Slovenia

Otocec Castle
The is the only castle in Slovenia that is built on the river island. There is a five star hotel and restaurant situated in the castle. Cafe serves the traditional cake and coffee. The adjacent park offers a pleasant walk and river Krka is clear enough to observe fish and the anglers trying to catch them. The most romantic place for your wedding.

Bled castle

Bled Castle
The oldest castle in Slovenia, stands on a top of a rock cliff some hundred meters above the Bled lake. The castle attracts tourists with its view of the lake and surrouding mountains. There is a restaurant and a bar at the castle, as well as the wine cellar and museum. The mountain settings of the Bled region makes it one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia.

Ljubljana castle

Ljubljana castle
The castle dominates Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The beginnings of the Ljubljana castle go back to the 9th century, although the castle is first mentioned only in 1144. For a long time it served as a residence of the governors, later was turned into a prison. Now holds a museum and is a popular tourist destination offering a panoramatic view of the city.

Ljubljana castle

Tivoli mansion (Tivolski grad), Ljubljana
With an adjecant lovely gardens and woods behind it, which offers a perfect relaxing afternoon time while trying to escape from burstling Ljubljana. The mansion is now the home of the International Centre of Graphic arts which organizes various displays also in the gardens. www.mglc-lj.si

Ljubljana castle

Cenkinov grad, Ljubljana
Situated in the Tivoli park, today's a seat of the Museum of Contemporary History , which displays Slovene fight for independence from the second world war until recent decades. Part of the building houses various exhibitions. www.muzej-nz.si

Stanjel castle

Fuzine castle, near Ljubljana
Castle permanently houses a museum of architecture dedicated the Slovenian greatest architect Joze Plecnik. This is an easy trip from Ljubljana, the best on the bike. There is a bike line almost all the way.

Ljubljana castle

Skofja Loka castle
The castle houses a museum and a bar. Skofja Loka is a lovely medieval town. Is easily accessible from Ljubljana and therefore a perfect day trip. The ride takes about 20 minutes, with a regular bus service on hourly schedule. There is an extensive museum housed in the castle, this displays various medieval objects.

Stanjel castle

Stanjel castle
The castles is a part of a fortified village of Stanjel, situated on a hill top. The wall around the houses was erected in the 15th century, to defend the Stanjel against the Turkish rides. The only and luxurious restaurant in the village is to be found in the castle's court yard. This is one of the most interesting villages in the Karst (Kras) region, situated on a wine route.

Metlika castle

Metlika castle
A vine region of Bela Krajina in Southern Slovenia. The castle houses the Bela Krajina regional museum and firefighting museum in the building next to the castle. The castle holds various folklore events, with local groups perform their traditions in music, dance ... and wine drinking.

The original castle was built in the 12th century and has been rebuild so many times that does not remind a castle anymore but a regular town building. The interior houses the tourist office and a small museum, yet there is nothing to see inside or out.

Predjama castle

Predjama castle
Amazingly build into a cave, Predjamski castle is one of the most visited castles in europe. Predjama castle and it's caves are situated about 12 km from Postojna, world famous for its extensive karst cave.

Piran fortress Piran, town walls
These are just two-hundred-meter long remains of the former town fortifications built in late 15th and early 16th centuries. From a distance they really resemble the castle cimburias. Still, the walls are a must climb-up, as offer an amazing view of Piran (Pirano), a gem of Slovene adriatic coast.

BBorl castle SloveniaBorl castle
Stands about the rocky hill above the Drava river, near the ancient town of Ptuj in the Eastern Slovenia. In the summer, the castle hosts various cultural events. It is not yet open to public. Photo by David Koster.

Prem castle

Prem castle
A very compact and cozy castle in a sleepy medieval village of Prem situated on a hill top. The castle is a romatinc stop on the way from Postojna and its caves down to Rijeka in Croatia. The castles opens only its courtyard and it remains a secret what's hidden inside. There was noone in the village to help you with more information.
Situated just off the main road, an authentic restaurant "Kmecki turizmus" opens every weekends on the opposite hill, can be seen in a distance from the castle.

Socerb castle

Socerb castle
Another cool and cosy castles, that offers a spectacular view of the Muggia bay and the Italian coastline around the city of Trieste. There is a restaurant inside the castle walls, but the opening hours remain a mystery. Socerb castle is marked from the expressway between Postojna - Koper, and is an easy break on the way.

Old castle of Celje

Celje Old Castle
Extensive ruined castle can be seen from the train or from anywhere in Celje. Yet the castle is accessible by a road another 3 km up the hill.

Velenje castle

Castle of Velenje
Museum with five different expositions, including archeological findings of mamuth.

Krumperk castle

Abandoned castle near Ljubljana, adjacent stables.

Brdo castle Lukovica

Brdo castle, Lukovica
Abandoned castle above the village. It's a bit tricky to get there from highway direction Ljubljana, you simply gonna pay the tool again.

Turjak castle
Turjak was one of the most important castles of the Kranjska region. It was built on a terraced hill as a fortification. Located about 30 km south of Ljubljana, accessible by bus.



Popular castles in Slovenia include, among others:

  • Bogensperk Castle
    Well preserved castle, museum and wedding venue.
  • Brestanice Castle
  • Brezice Castle
  • Dobrovo
  • Fala Castle
  • Grad Castle (Goricko)
  • Hrastovec
  • Kamen Castle
    Castle Kamen used to be one of the most important castles in the Gorenjska region.
  • Kostel Castle
  • Kromberg
  • Lendava Castle
  • Mansion Sela
    In 1994 was declared a historical monument.
  • Maribor Castle
  • Rajhenburg Castle (Brestanica Castle)
  • Sneznik Castle
  • Mokrice Castle
  • Murska Sobota Castle
  • Olimje castle
  • Otocec Castle
  • Podcetrtek Castle
  • Podsreda castle
  • Ptuj castle / Ptujski grad
  • Rakican
    Near Murska Sobota.
  • Rihemberk
  • Ribnica castle
  • Sevnica castle
  • Sneznik
  • Vipolze
  • Zaprice Castle
  • Zuzemberk Castle

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