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Holumnica castle - ruin

Castle of Holumnica SlovakiaOther names: Holumnica, Holumnicky hrad, Holumnicky zamok rating: Unattractive, good to skip.

The village of Holumnica was first mentioned in 1293 and was known for cloth production in the 17th century. Due to lack of historical research, it is not clear which of the stately families (Berzeviczy, Ujhazy, or Görgey) built their castle on at the end of the village, but it is estimated to 15th or 16th century. The castle was built in Gothic-Renaissance style and it was inhabited until in 17th century when a mansion in the centre of the village has became the family home. Since then the castle stays abandoned. Nowadays only three ruined walls are to be seen and the stork nestle remains the main attraction. Local gypsy families kindly greet occassional enthusiastics and mistaken tourists coming to their backyard to see the ruins of the former castle. The village is poor but safe.

Attractions in the area
Vysne Ruzbachy spa (14 km). Three preserved castles are to be found in Kezmarok, Strazky and Stara Lubovna.

There is an occassional public bus service connecting Holumnica with close towns of Podolinec and Stara Lubovna. Car can be parked on the road close to the ruin, don't leave your valuables inside.

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Holumnica castle Holumnica castle Holumnica castle


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