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Bojnice Castle

Bojnice castle Bojnice SlovakiaHistorical names: Baimoz, Boynicz, Baymuch.

Bojnice castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia, standing on a travertine hill above the town. In 1970 the castle was declared a National cultural monument, nowadays houses a museum.The first written mention of the castle existence is from 1113 and comes from the Zobor abbey. Originally the wooden fortress was rebuild with stone over the 13th century. Originally renaissance and gothic style, has been rebuilt in Romantism style in 19th century.

Opening hours
The castles is open 9am 5pm in the tourist season, 10am till 3pm off seasons. Please note, except for July and August, the castle is closed on Mondays.

The castle chapel is avalaible for weddings and other ceremonies. Designed by an Italian architect, the chapel is one of the most beautiful early baroque buildings in Slovakia. Once a month the chapel holds a (Catholic Christian) workship. Legal weddings have to be arranged in person with the city hall, then you can hire the castle chapel at about 150 USD for the ceremony.

Castle tours
The guided tours are provided daily for groups of 10 persons and take about 1 hour. In the tourist season certified guides are dressed in a historical costume. Off the main season, the tours in foreign languages have to be notified in advance.

In the surrounding garden, you can find an ancient linden tree, a national natural monument. According to the legend, the tree was planted by Matus Cak Trenciansky from 1301, then in 15th century its shadow was a favorite place of King Matej (1458 – 1490). The castle keeps many other legends, like The legend of the Black Lady, Legend of Poky's coins, whose you can read at the castle's homepage.

International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits, Fairy tale castle, Day of Knights, Christmas at the castle.

Attractions in the area
Bird hospital keeping rare eagles, falcos and owls until they recover. Zoo Bojnice, Bojnice spa, The Castle restaurant serving traditional food.

Castle pictures
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Bojnice castle Castle Bojnice Bojnice Slovakia


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