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Slovakia Castles

Castles in Slovakia can be divided into those which have been restored, and those which have fallen into ruin. Every region of the country offers some of each. Restored castles, some of which were never fortified and therefore are in fact palaces, offer a glimpse of how the wealthy lived. Castle ruins are more interesting for those with explorer spirits, in part because they usually require significant walking or gentle climging; they have deliciously eerie atmosphere. Several refurbished castle-type properties offer accommodation.

Bratislava castle
A medieval castle on the hill above the old town dominates the capital of Slovakia. The castle houses a museum and provides an excellent view of the town and further afield. A romatic place to go.

Castle hotel TartufCastle hotel Tartuf
The manor in Beladice was built in 1820 by an aristocratic family and later was used as a residence by noble families. By the end of 19th century, the manor was bought by baron Henrik Lindelof, who rebuilt in a neoclassicist style. The manor belongs to the National cultural heritage, together with the adjacent park.

Bojnice castle (castle museum)
One of the most popular Slovakia's castles situated on a hill above Bojnice, neighbouring with zoo garden and spa. Various events including the ghost nights and children activities take place on the castle throuhout the year.

Stara LubovnaStara Lubovna castle (castle museum)
The castle of Stara Lubovna is one of the original border fortifications of the former Greater Hungary to the North. Its foundations date back to the end of the 13th century.

Beckov castleBeckov castle (castle ruin)
Reconstructed castle ruin is built on a steep rock overlooking village of Beckov, well seen from the main highway between Piestany and Trencin. The ruins are remains of medieval palaces and fortifications that have been destroyed by fire in 1727.

Beckov castleCachtice castle (ruin)
This castle is well known by its cruel history, when in 17th century a mad Hungarian countess was murdering hundreds of peasant virgin women to take bath in their blood. Nowadays the castle hill is a romantic place with a picturesque view of the countryside.

Beckov castlePodhradie - Topolcany castle (ruin)
A romantic castle ruin near Topolcany. Extensive ruin is half-closed, and fairly looks unmaintained. However the main tower is said to be in reconstruction and remains closed to the visitors. The tower key is available at the village's major upon a prior notice. Access by bus from town Topolcany direction Podhradie.

Holumnica castleHolumnica castle (castle ruin)
On the way from Kezmarok to Stara Lubovna, off the main road a castle is marked to the map. This castle ruin in the village of Holumnica probably dates back to 15th or 16th century and soon was abandoned. No historical research is available and the ruin is not attractive for tourists.

Kezmarok castleKezmarok castle (museum)
The Kezmarok city castle was built in 1463 to protect the town. The castles burned down in 18th century, but always has been restored. Today the castle is an interesting historical museum about the town and its region.

Orava castleOrava castle (museum)
Situated on the rock above the river. From 1868 holds a museum.

Predna Hora castleStrazky
The castle is an important part of Slovak National Gallery.

Beckov castlePlavec (ruin)
Close to Stara Lubovna.

Beckov castlePodolinec (castle ruins, city walls)
Close to Kezmarok.

Beckov castleKrasna Horka
The castle is located on a hill in a valley of the Slovenske Rudohorie mountains, about 4 Km from Roznava, in the historic region of Gemer.

Beckov castlePredna Hora
Situated in beautiful natural environment at the borders of Muranska Planina national park, the castle was built in 1914 and nowadays serves as a therapeutic psychiatry centre. It is therefore closed for public.

Beckov castleTopolcany manor house
The private manor house is not available to the public. The surrounding garden which features a small pond is open, a lovely place to walk.

Beckov castleBrunovce (manor hotel)
Manor belongs to the National Security Office and is not open to public.

Beckov castleMoravany nad Vahom (manor hotel)
The manor is situated near Piestany and belongs to the assotiation of artists.


Castle and Manor House Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia
As far as the secular, cultural and historical monuments are concerned, besides the Gothic castle compound from the 14th century and the Renaissance manor house, with fortifications from the 17th century, there is also the belfry and weighing station from 1792 which have been preserved.
Castle hotel Kamila, Bratislava, Slovakia
Originally a hunting castle renewed in the early 18th century by count Palfy. The castle remained in the ownership of the Palfy family until 1915. Although the castle serves as a hotel, all the interiors are furnished original-style.
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Spis castle, Slovakia
The Spis Castle is one of Slovakia's most extensive castles. It is a dominant feature of the Spis region. It is beautifully placed in the countryside on travertine rock. By the 12th century, it had been remarked on as a regional castle. The main body of the castle was fortified by stone outer walls in the first half of the 13th century, enabling the castle to resist Tartar raids in 1241.
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Bratislava castle, Slovakia
Often referred to as an upside-down table, Bratislava Castle is certainly unique with an original design that is unmistakable. The castle is located on a hill overlooking the river Danube, the southern-most hill of the Small Carpathian Mountains, 150 meters above sea levevel.
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Saris Castle
The ruins of this, one of the largest and most important of Slovak castles, are to be found above the village of Velky Saris.

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