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Pena Castle in Sintra, near Lisbon, Portugal

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Castles of Portugal

Moorish Castle in Sintra Due to its specific geographical location and being the oldest nation in Europe, Portuguese Castles are history filled constructions, playing a main role in maintaining the Portuguese borders, thus allowing the country to subsist almost around 800 years of history, securing the internal border to the always expansionist surrounding Kingdoms, which later united to form Spain. Later, this allowed the later expansion towards the sea thus beginning the discoveries era. In addition, these castles reflect influences from a multitude of different cultures and civilisations, some previous to Portugal´s establishment as a Kingdom, and others due to the connection from Europe to Africa, India, China, Japan, Brazilian as well as several other cultures with which Portugal interacted over the centuries.

There are many stories in the history coming from far, which attract the contemplation and arouse our curiosity for the past times of heroic feats and glorious battles. The discovery of the castles means to become acquainted with our deep and remote roots, it helps us to understand the culture and the way of living of our ancestors. The increasing need to defend a territory which was constantly growing brought about the building of more castles, from North to South. In this way, new and beautiful constructions were added to some of the existing castles conquered from the Moors and new castles were born.

Portugal has a wide range of castles and many of them felt into ruins or have been seriously damaged by the earthquakes. The effort to keep and to restore them is great and the tradition lives in the halo of the legends and poetry revolving these ruins and the national history persists in them, in their evocation of sublime heroism of selfless sacrifices and of glories!

Castles in Lisbon
Short introduction of the castles and palaces in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. About 50 words.
More tourist information later to be found on www.lisbon.info

Lisbon Castle of St George

Lisbon Castle of St George
Summary of the St George castle, about 50 words.

Queluz palace Lisbon

Queluz palace in Lisbon
Palace summary, about 50 words.

Tower of Belem Lisbon

Tower of Belem
Summary of the Sight, about 50 words.

Castles in Sintra
Short summary of the castles and palaces in Sintra, Portugal.

Pena Castle Sintra

Pena Castle Sintra
Castle in Sintra summary, about 50 words.

National palace Sintra

National palace in Sintra
City Castle in Sintra summary, about 50 words.

Moorish castle Sintra

Moorish castle in Sintra
Ruined castle in Sintra, Moorish castle summary, about 50 words.

Quinta da Regaleira Sintra

Quinta da Regaleira Sintra
Palace in Sintra summary, about 50 words.

Castles around Portugal

Bled castle

Fortification of San Julian da Barra Carcavelos
Access prohibited, if you try to take photos the military police will bring you out of the site.

More castles in Portugal
The most popular castles in Portugal, each with a short summary, and perhaps a link to the homepage.

Guimarães Castle:

Tomar Castle:

Marvão Castle:

Sesimbra Castle:

Óbidos Castle:

Pombal Castle:

A well worth seeing castle is the Almourol Castle which is situated on a small rocky island in the middle of the Tagus River:

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