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Wielkopolskie castles

An important industrial and agricultural area to the west of Warsaw, with Poznań as the most important town. In the XIX century in the hands of Prussia and later united Germany. Returned to Poland after 1918 during the WWII incorporated into the Hitler’s Germany. A patriotic ambition to resist the German influence left many interesting monuments in Wielkopolskie. During the WWII, many of these buildings were destroyed and their art collections pillaged. Now painstakingly restored are worth visiting.

Gołuchów Knight’s residence; originally from the beginning of the XVI century; first as Leszczyński family renaissance residence and since middle of the XIX century in the possession of the Działyńskis. Restored by them in the style of the French renaissance castles in the years 1872-1885, using the completely authentic elements originating from the castles in the South of Europe, purchased by Działyński in France and Italy. First projects for this restoration were executed in 1871 by the famous in that time French architect restorer Viollet Le Duc, while Maurice Auguste Ouradou had led the final restoration. Big park around. Rich museum robbed and burnt during the WWII by the Germans. Now, after years of restoration, again a museum, a division of the National Museum from Poznań. 

Palace of Kórnik ; originally an aristocratic residence, built on a flat land, surrounded by water. Built in the XV century, since 1592 till the XX century in the hands of the Działyński Family. Many times rebuilt. Its present, gothic form received only in the second half of the XIX century, mainly through the project of famous Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Since 1925 a rich and interesting museum with big collection of paintings, graphics, ceramics, militaria. In addition, an important library open to the public.

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