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West Pomerania

Historically these were lands of princedom of Pomerania. Consisting of mainly Slavic population the princedom through centuries more and more had been linked with Germany. In the middle of XVII century through the succession, West Pomerania went to the Hohenzollern family and became a part of Germany. After 1945, through the treaties of Yalta, these territories were returned to Poland, partly as a replacement for its eastern territories taken by the Soviet Union.
Now for more than 60 years again in Polish hands, West Pomerania has a new tradition and a new vibrant life. Good beaches at the Baltic Sea, great forests, friendly people - a very good area for tourism.

Bytów Teutonic Castle; late gothic castle built 1398-1406 by The Knights of the Teutonic Order. Planned on the rectangle with four towers on the corners by an architect Nicholas Fellenstein. Three of the towers are round, prepared already for gunpowder warfare. Now well preserved, the last castle built by The Teutonic Order in Poland.

Szczecin Castle; built on a high bank of Odra River in XIV century, several times rebuilt in centuries after. Its present shape is mainly a result of the constructions led by the architects of the Italian origin in the years 1575-1577 when it was turned from a defensive structure, into an elegant aristocratic residence of the Pomeranian Princes. Since 1677 through the succession Castle in Szczecin was obtained by the Hohenzollern family - its art collection was moved away and the castle was not used anymore as a residence. Partly demolished in the XIX century. Burnt and destroyed during the WWII, is now completely rebuilt.

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