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Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Zamek Ujazowski WarszawaRegion: Warszawa

Other names: Zamek Ujazdowski, Castle of Ujazdów

A big, recently reconstructed early baroque castle, in an interesting area of Warsaw´s parks and city monuments.

History: At first, in the 14th century, a small wooden castle was built, to protect the land against Lithuanian invasions. Then in 1548, Polish queen of Italian origin, Bona Sforza rebuilt it into a small stone residence. In 1624 The King of Poland Sigmund III Vasa, built the castle as it looks today, with the intention of using it as his summer residence. The Ujazdowski castle was burnt by the Swedish army in 1655. The powerful Lubomirski family, which took over the castle afterwards, hired the architect Tylman van Gammeren to rebuild it. He gave the castle the baroque style it has today. During the World War I, the Ujazdowski castle together with surrounding it buildings served as a military hospital. German army burnt the castle in 1944, during the WWII. The outside walls, which were still standing after the war, were demolished in 1953, to give place for never built Polish People’s Army Culture Centre. The Ujazdowski Castle has been completely reconstructed and rebuilt in 1988.

The feel: Big baroque castle, completely rebuilt, so not very authentic. Interesting modern art events inside.

Today: The Centre for Contemporary Art.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Thursday and Saturday - Sunday 11.00 - 17.00, Friday 11.00 - 21.00.
Closed: Monday. All holidays.
Admission: may vary. Some events are free.

How to get there: Ujazdowski Castle dominates above fast traffic road Trasa Łazienkowska where it crosses Aleje Ujazdowskie street. You should take one of the busses, which go along Aleje Ujazdowskie as no.116, 122, 144, 195, 501,503, or one of the busses, which go along Trasa Łazienkowska as no.187 and step out at the Plac Na Rozdrożu stop. The castle is hidden behind the trees, on the right from Trasa Łazienkowska, looking direction Vistula River.

Facilities and attractions: new media installations, frequent contemporary art events.

Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle; Al. Ujazdowskie 6, 00-461 Warsaw, Poland
tel: +48 22 628 12 71-3, 48 22 628 76 83

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Ujazdowski zamek Ujazdow castle Ujazdowski castle


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