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Swietokrzyskie castles

Old mountains region ca 200 km to the south of Warsaw. Beautiful landscape, not very high, friendly mountains. Ruins or just small remains of many castles testifying to the Polish history. Splendid views, richness of nature, good areas for walks.

Castle Krzyżtopór; ruins of the castle built 1621-1634 for Christopher Ossoliński, Voivode of Sandomierz. Probably designed by the owner himself with an architect Wawrzyniec Sens. Huge in size, takes a surface of 9295m² . Robbed from its art collection by the Swedish invaders 1655-1657; burnt and destroyed in the XVIII century during the Bar Confederation fighting. Impressive ruin remains today one of the biggest castles in the world among private aristocratic residences.

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