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A Northern region of Poland with the river Vistula flowing into the Baltic sea in the centre, great tourist area of Kaszuby, many sea resorts and big harbour cities in the North – built entirely in the XX century Gdynia and the old city Gdansk (Dantzig). Good beaches, fantastic forests and lakes especially in the Kaszuby area, many historical monuments testifying to the region’s rich history.

Castle MalborkTeutonic Order Castle in Malbork; a huge gothic castle built from red brick, along the river Nogat, on a flat surface of ca. 8000m2 with the smaller Middle Castle inside and still smaller The High Castle built on a hill, on a rectangle surface of 60x80m. The construction began in 1275. Malbork has been since 1309 the capital of The Teutonic Order Of Holy Mary In Jerusalem, a knight’s order limited to the German aristocracy, which was sent there in 1225 by the Pope to fight the local pagan population. Malbork was taken by the Polish army in 1475 and became one of the residences of Kings of Poland until 1772, when it was taken by Prussia, to be devastated in the years after. After protests of the German society at the beginning of XIX century, demolition has been stopped in 1803 and since 1817 until ca.1940, the Malbork castle has been constantly reconstructed under the guidance of several important German architects, with the best work done by the team of the historian Konrad Steibrecht in the years 1882-1921.
During the Nazi era, a scene of the official ceremonies of the Hitler’s regime. In 1945 defended by the Germans destroyed during the WWII. Additionally its newly constructed roof burnt in 1959. In the years after serious work continued to restore the Malbork castle to its previous glory.

Teutonic Castle of Nidzica, gothic brick castle, built at the end of the XIV century, partly destroyed in 1945, now rebuilt. Today it houses the hotel.

Bishop’s Castle of Reszel, built 1350-1401 on a steep hill side above the right bank of the river Sajna. Modernised because of the changes in military warfare in the XVI century. In 1807 a church has been added on a south wing of the castle. Now gallery of the modern art.

The Castle of Ryn; dominating cosy, sleepy town of Ryn, the castle has been originally built between two lakes by the Great Master of the Teutonic Order Konrad Wallenrod, for his brother Frederic in 1394. Built on a plan of a square with towers on the corners. Used as a prison in the XIX century, rebuilt in its present English neo-gothic style in 1856.

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