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Mazowieckie castles

Royal Castle WarsawA central region in Poland with Warsaw as the main city. Mazowieckie had during Poland's turbulent history had already in early Middle Ages many castles built to defend the country. In this flat, open space, they were built mostly on hills or on the riverbanks. As Warsaw grows in size this whole region, previously mainly agricultural, becomes more and urbanized.

Palace in Opinogóra; a small, very proportionate and nicely built in the neo-gothic style palace; given as a wedding present to the poet Sigmund Krasiński by his parents in 1843. Probably designed by the French architect Eugène Emmanuel Viollet le Duc. A church with the mausoleum of the Krasiński family and the graves of Sigmund Krasiński and his mother Maria near the palace. Opinogóra Palace houses now The Museum of Romanticism.

Bishop’s Castle; originally built at the end of the XIV century. Since 1522 rebuilt as a renaissance residence of the bishops of Płock. Built on a hill near the city, following a very irregular plan, probably repeating first wooden construction there. Reconstructed after the fire of 1945, houses now a centre for Polish people living abroad Polonia House, a hotel and a restaurant.

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