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Lubelskie castles

An agricultural region in the South East of Poland with an importan town for the Polish history - Lublin as the main city, and the renaissance town Zamość, as another place worth visiting. As Poland only in its recent history after the WWII lost its eastern regions to Soviet Union, Lublin has become the most important town in the east of the country, with interesting historical monuments, several universities and rich cultural life.

Baranów Sandomierski
Castle of Baranów; renaissance castle owned as a residence by Leszczynski family and 1677 sold to the princes Lubomirski. Rebuilt for them by an architect Tylman van Gammeren. Beautiful courtyard and the loggias. Now a museum.

Huge and impressive ruin of the castle of the Firley Family. Built in XVI century. A small museum and the skansen of the interesting local wooden houses near the castle.

Palace of the Zamoyski family at Kozłowka, built in the late baroque style after 1735, by an architect Giuseppe Fontana for an aristocrat Michał Bieliński. In the XX century main residence of Zamoyski family. Very well preserved. Interesting chapel built in 1904-1909, inspired by the chapel of Versailles. Now the castle at Kozłówka is a museum. Interesting although very ironic collection of the works of the socialist realism, an official style of the communist period in Poland.

Castle in Lublin; originally big, XIV century ghotic castle, unde the Russian rule in 1823-1826 rebuilt in English neo-gothic style and changed into a prison. Under the German occupation during the WWII - Gestapo prison. Directly after the war - Soviet secret police prison. Now a museum. Interesting XIV century chapel with wall paintings from 1418.

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