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Lodzkie castles

A flat, poor region to the South West of Warsaw with Łódź, a modern industrial city built in the XIX century as the region’s capital. Exceptionally for Poland Łódź as the city and the whole region around it had not been destroyed during the WII. Sill it’s largely Jewish population has been exterminated. Today mainly an industrial region.

Uniejow CastleUniejow castle
Bishop’s Castle in Uniejów; on the left lower bank of the river Warta, while the small town of Uniejów is located on the right, higher bank of the river; built in the XIV century on a plan of a rectangle, with one strong, round tower. As this part of Poland was taken by Prussia in 1772, the castle had been taken from the bishops and after some years given to the Count Toll, who later rebuilt the castle and added the park to it.

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