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Other names: Stania State, Stania castle

Stania StateLocation: About 10 km northeast of Leeuwarden, the provincial capital of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, reached from Leeuwarden by bike or car along the road N355, direction Hurdegaryp-Dokkum, turning left at the crossroads at Tytskerk, towards Gytsjerk-Dokkum on the N361, then finally taking the turn to the village of Oentsjerk where the estate is situated at Rengersweg 98b. Alternative routes possible by bike and car.

History: Staniastate is a 19th-century country estate with a large tract of land surrounding the mansion, turned into a magnificent park by the landscape architect L.P.Roodbaard. The history of the estate goes back to the 16th century, when the estate was a summer residence to the mayors of nearby Leeuwarden. The original mansion was probably built by Jeppe van Stania and his wife Margaretha van Heemstra. The Stania family line ended in 1580 and the estate was bought by the families Walta and Aylva. In 1734 the estate passed to Hans Hendrik van Haersma who built a new mansion to the site. After his death the house was bought by Jan de With, a captain of the East India Company. The house was largely destroyed by fire in 1813, and in 1843 the current building was erected by Theo Looxma. His son-in-law, baron of Rengers then gained possession of the house, and the current neo-classisistic building was inhabited until 1930 by the family Rengers. Later the house served as a museum and conference building, and in 1977 passed to the local authorities of Tytsjerk. Since the 1990-s the manor has been owned by the Stania Management group. Currently the building houses an architecture firm.

Access: Because the house is occupied, there is no access to the building. The park, however, is open to the public. The manor is adjoined by a large brasserie serving food and drinks such as the Frisian liqueur Beerenburg. The place is open Saturdays from 11.00 and Sundays from 10.00 to 22.00. There is a large parking place for both cars and bikes.

Activities: It is possible to organise weddings and other occasions with catering and other commodities at the brasserie as there are large facilities available both indoors and outdoors. Events can be organised at 0031582562811.

Other castles in the area: De Klinze (1-2 km), Vijversburg (6 km), Martenastate, Dekemastate

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Nearby cities: Leeuwarden, Stiens

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