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Other names: Martena State, Martena castle

Martena StateLocation
North of Leeuwarden, the provincial capital of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, along the road N357 in the direction of Stiens, in the village of Cornjum, Swarte Singel 1. The estate is situated behind the village church.

The picturesque little castle was built in 1900 to replace the original medieval building which was demolished in 1899. The current castle does, however, exhibit details of the old building. The original building was the home of the Martena family, having later also belonged to the families Burmania and Vegilin van Claebergen. The last male descendant of the Martena family was Admiral Doeke Martena who was member of the States General. The family owned many houses in the area. The current neo-renaissance style building is situated on an island in a canal and is surrounded by a large park characterised by rich flora. There is also a family graveyard next to the castle established in 1809.

The estate is owned by the Martenastate Nature Reserve Foundation and the castle is rented from the Foundation by its current inhabitants. Because the castle is inhabited, the inside of the castle is not accessible to visitors. The park surrounding the estate however, is open to the public and includes a camping. The estate is accessible by car.

Other castles in the area: Dekemastate (1-2 km).

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