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Loenersloot Castle, The Netherlands

LoenerslootOther names: Loenen castle, Loenerslot, Castle of Loenen

Location: Located in Loenersloot, close to town Loenen, on the Vecht, surrounded by lakes, woods and charming villages, between Amsterdam and Utrecht. The castle is located on the left bank of the river Angstel, accesible via a wooden lifting bridge.

History: Although the Van Loenersloot family is mentioned already in 1156, the existence of this castle is first mentioned in 1258. The Loenersloot family, who played a rather important part in the life of the village in the 12th century, built the oldest parts of the castle.
In 1516 the castle was bought by Amelis van Amstel van Mijnden, who already owned the Mijnden Castle and the Kronenburg Castle. After his death the Loenersloot Castle was left to his second son, also named Amelis.
The castle stayed in the possession of this family until the 17th century. That was when the last male descendant of the family died. There were three heiresses, only one of whom married. Maria Johanna van Amstel van Mijnded married Pieter Reinier, baron of Stepraedt. Their son Diederik Johan inherited Loenersloot, but also the estates of Doddeldael and Ewijk. Due to the number of castles the family owned, they no longer lived at Loenersloot, but rented the castle out to different people.
Finally, the castle was bought in 1766 by Hendrik Willem van Hoorn. These were not good times for the castle, since van Hoorn began to tear the castle down. Four years later, however, he went bankrupt and therefore sold the castle to Andries Jan Strick van Lindschoten. Andries Jan conserved the castle’s medieval appearance. The last owner, M.F.M. baroness van Nagell, created a Foundation for the castle.
Because every family added something to the building, the appearance of the castle stems mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries, with only the round defence towers dating from the 13th century.

1516 Amelis van Amstel van Mijnden
ca 1540 Amelis van Amstel van Mijnden
1678 Maria Johanna van Amstel van Mijnden
1707 Diederik Johan, baron of Stepraedt
1766 - 1770 Hendrik Willem van Hoorn
1770 Andries Jan Strick van Linschoten
20th century: M.F.M. baroness van Nagell

Access: A private residence, therefore access for the public is restricted. The castle can be seen from the access road. The castle is inhabited.

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