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Other names: Dekema State, previously known as Fetsa State, Camstra State.

Dekema StateLocation
Dekemastate is located about 3 km north of Leeuwarden, the provincial capital of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, along the road N357, in the village of Jelsum, Dekemawei 5.

This country estate was built in the 14th century, at which time the house was a fortified dwelling. The first mention of the estate is from the year 1486. It was originally a rectangular stone house (called a stins in Frisian), and has been rebuilt since. Its owners include the Camstra family, the heiress of which married Hette van Dekema in the 16th century who gave the estate its current name. Other owners are Van Unia, Doys, Houth and Van Wageningen, the last of whom lived in the house until 1996. After that, the estate was taken over by the Dekema Foundation and went through extensive restoration. The inside of the house is filled with items from the past of its owners going back to the 16th century and features original furniture as well as a portrait collection. The house used to have two stories but was later redesigned and now possesses a spacious attic. The gardens around the manor feature canals, a moat surrounding the house, an herb garden and an orchard.

The house as well as the grounds are open to the public, opening hours: from April to October Saturdays and Sundays 13.00-17.00, in July and August Tuesdays to Sundays 13.00-16.00. Closed at Easter, Whitsuntide, 30 April and 27 May. Entrance fees: adults EUR 3.50, children (ages 4-12) and seniors (from 65) EUR 2.50, groups from 20 persons EUR 2 per person (groups can be announced at 0031582570855). Dogs on a leash are allowed outside the building.

The castle provides the chance to hold weddings and other receptions, including catering, with the maximum number of guests being 35. There is also a café and a parking place.

Other castles in the area: Martenastate (1-2 km).

How to get there
Dekemastate can be the starting point of a day trip exploring the country estates north of Leeuwarden. The road N357 features a bike path and leads north from Leeuwarden, direction Stiens.

Castle pictures
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Dekemastate castle Dekemastate Dekema kasteel Friesland

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