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Tudor mansion in Rosport, Luxembourg

Other names: Chateau Tudor, castle Tudor, formerly: Irminenhof

Rosport Luxembourg castleRosport lies in the German-Luxembourg natural park at the entrance to Luxembourg's little Switzerland, in the picturesque countryside of Lower-Sure. The village's altitude is 170 meters and its population is about 680 inhabitants.

The castle was built in 1892. Surrounded by parkland, it now serves as an office to a local authority and may be visited with their kind consent to see superb 19th century furnishing.

Henri Tudor
Village is a birthplace of Henry Tudor (1859-1928), a pioneer of electrical lighting and inventor of Tudor accumulator. His work here in the mansion led to construction of a hydroelectric power station and the reservoir on the river.

The area
Rosport is a starting point for walks along the Sure river and in the woods of Hoelt, the Girsterbusch and the Steinheimerbusch. There is fishing from banks of the river Sure. The village is known for the mineral water of the same name, coming from the only spring of natural sparkling mineral water of the Grand Duchy. Camping Rosport (www.campingrosport.com).

Gisterklaus chapel
The chapel of Girster-klaus (1328) the oldest shrine to the Virgin Mary in Luxembourg, is a pilgrim place situated 3 kilometres south of Rosport. The pilgrimage takes place every year on the Sunday after 15th August.

How to get there
Rosport is situated some 8 km East from Echternach, regular bus connection is provided.

Rosport Castle Tudor castle Rosport Chateau Tudor Rosport

Close settlements include Dickweiler (107 inhabitants), Osweiler (371 inhabitants), Steinheim (535 inhabitants), Hinkel-Girsterklaus (78 inhabitants). and Girst (116 inhabitants).

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