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Castles of Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is full of castles.

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BourglinsterBourglinster castle
The ancient village of Bourglinster is situated on the borders of Grunewald forest, just 15 minutes car drive from Luxembourg-City. The oldest parts of the castle originate from 11th and 12th century. Nowadays the castle is beatifully restored and two restaurants used for all sorts of celebrations. The area features many hiking routes and a youth hostel.

Beaufort castleBeaufort castle (Befort)
The castle is situated in area of Luxembourg often referred to as a "Little Switzerland". The village is a popular summer resort with a swimming pool, camping and a youth hostel. Numerous walks lead you through the forests of the Mullerthal valley.

Clervaux castle LuxembourgCastle Clervaux (Clerf)
Nowdays houses the local authority of Clervaux village.
Bettendorf LuxembourgBettendorf castle
A small village is situated on the main road from Echternach to Diekirch. The origins of the castle date back to 13th century, but the present castle was built in 1728 in baroque style and restored in 1962. The property is private and no visits are possible. A cycle path leads via the village, there is a camping and tennis courts.
Larochette LuxembourgCastle La Rochette
The ruins of Larochette castle are witness of the existence of a huge 11th-century fortress.
Rosport Luxembourg Tudor castleTudor mansion in Rosport
Rosport is a small village on the very east end of Luxembourg at the German border. The village is known for the mineral water of the same name. The castle is now an office to municipal authorities and can be visited with their kind consent. There is a campsite build around the lake and fishing in the area.
Stolzembourg LuxembourgStolzembourg castle
The village of Stolzembourg is situated 6 km from the Vianden. The castle is situated on a hill in the centre of the village. The original castle was destroyed in 1454 and again in 1679. Current castle has been rebuilt in 1898 and is privately owned. There is access prohibited to the property, but we have heard it opens once a year for a festive occassion.



Castle Bourscheid

Castle Brandenbourg
Castle ruin originas from 10th century, now overlooking a hamlet of 50 inhabitants.

Castle Esch-sur-Sure

Castle Wiltz
The castle destroyed several times during the wars of the Middle Ages.

Castle Vianden
Vianden Castle was constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries on the foundations of a Roman castellum and a Carolingian refuge. It is one of the largest and most beautiful feudal residences of the romanesque and gothic periods in Europe.

The castle of Useldange


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