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Schloss Weilerbach, Germany

Other names: Castle of Weilerbach, chateau Weilerbach, Schloss Weilerbach

The castle is located at the west border of Germany, just where the river Sauer creates the border with Luxembourg. It is a pleasant stop while exploring the Südeifel natural park.

Schloss WeilerbachHistory
In 1777 a metallurgical plant was founded in Weilerbach by the abbey of Echternach. The castle is being constructed in 1780. After the French Revolution, a French commissoiner purchased both the plant and castle in 1797. Between 1832-1986 the entire property belongs to a Luxembourg family of Sevais. After 1918 the decline of the factory began, and it was damaged during the second world war. Between 1987 and 1992 the castle was reconstructed and belongs to rural district of Bitburg-Pruem.

The castle is domicile of the German investment fond and is normally closed for public. It serves as host for various cultural events organized by te Weilerbach Castle Society. In the backyard of the castle is situated a museum-cafe, it also displays products of the former plant.

The castle is situated on a main road Echternach to Vianden (Luxembourg) with a road bridge close to Bollendorf. The road on German side leads from Ralingen to Bollendorf. From Luxembourg, the castle is also accessible on bike and feet via the wooden bridge crossing the Sauer river in Weilerbach.

Attractions in the area
The area of Suedeifel national park is popular for canoing and mountain bike. See

More information
Schloss Weilerbach-Gesellschaft e.V., Trierer Strasse 1, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561/150

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