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Gesmold Schloss, Germany

Gesmold Castle GermanyRegion: Lower Saxony

Other names: Schloss-Gesmold, Gesmold Castle, Gesmold Renaissanceschloss (Renaissance Castle Gesmold)

History: On the old property, dating back to 13 century, in the years 1544 until 1549 a Renaissance castle had been built. Previously connected with the names of two families - von Gesmel and von dem Bussche, through the marriage the Gesmold castle has come into the possession of the Amelunxen family who sold it to the Roman Catholic bishop of the nearby Osnabrück, in 1608. That is why the Gesmold village (pop.3000) remained Roman Catholic among the mostly protestant population. Four statues of the evangelists standing near the castle date from this period. In 1664, after the death of the bishop, the Gesmold castle has been taken over by Georg Christoph von Hammerstein. In the 18 century, the French style garden has been build as well as Orangerie. An English style park, today left partly wild, feeling almost like a small forest, neighbors the park and is open to the public.

The owners of the Gesmold castle
The Hammersteins still own the Gesmold castle, they bear the title of baron and sign themselves Hammerstein-Gesmold or in full - von Hammerstein baron of Gesmold. They gave Germany several high ranking career officers during the Ist and the IInd World Wars, as well as in the South Africa which was a partly German colony between 1884-1914. Generalleutenant Fritjof Freiherr von Hammerstein-Gesmold has been a known army officer during the WWI German campaign in Turkey and Palestine as well as during the Third Reich era. Dorothea Hammerstein-Gesmold is listed among the direct ancestors of The Prince Willlem Alexander, Prince of Orange of the Netherlands.

A closed to the public private residence of the Hammerstein-Gesmold family with very rare public artistic activities in the castle’s garden or at the castle itself.

The feel
Very pretty, full of authenticity, Renaissance castle surrounded by not a big but very well maintained garden from one side and water from the other side. English style, almost wild park nearby. Schloss Gesmold castle is visible and worth detour from the A30 freeway Hanover-Osnabrück.

Opening hours
The park and garden around the castle is only to be seen with a guides tour and you need to ask for a date. (tel. 0049542244216). Since 2009 the castle shop is open on Thursday afternoons (2:30 til 6 pm). At these days you can buy a ticket in the shop and walk through the baroque park on your own.

How to get there
By car from Osnabrück take freeway A30/E30 East, direction Hanover, cross freeway A33 staying on A30; exit at no.22 Melle/Gesmold to take the national road K 221/Westerhausenerstrasse on the left (North) from the freeway. After ca. 150 meters, when you get to the village Gesmold, watch for local road/Schlossalee on your right leading to the castle. A small sign is standing just on the crossing. After 600m on Schlossalee through the village and around the castle’s park, you will see the Gesmold castle among fields on your right.

Address, telephone:
Schloss Gesmold, Schloßallee 5, 49326 Melle/Gesmold, Niedersachsen
Telephone: +49 5422-44216
Contact to the owner: Mr. Hans Adam von Hammerstein
Telephone: 0541-3243620

Castle pictures
Free pictures of the Gesmold Castle to illustrate your web site:

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