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Germany is a federal state and each member state (Bundesländer) has a separate tradition, history and own historical monuments. Germans love tradition of knighthood, castles, dark forests, and old legends. There are few countries where castles would be so much a part of national heritage and national psyche. To visit German castles, is to get to know Germans in all their cultural and historical diversity.

BourglinsterWeilerbach castle
On borders with Luxembourg, across the river Sauer, is a well hidden a castle. The castle is closed for public, however a museum provides a brief insight into history of the castle as well as adjacent metallurgical plant, while the museum cafe offers a refreshing snack. The area of Suedeifel National Park is popular for canoing and mountain bike.

Gesmold castle
One of many castles in the beautiful region of Lower Saxony. Although the Renaissance Gesmold castle is not open to the public, through its authentic character it is worth seeing, if only from outside. The castle’s park is a good place for walking.

Neuschwanstein castle
The most famous of all German castles is situated close to Munich in Bavaria province. The castle is build in neo-romanesque style by King Ludwig II.

Castles of Germany:

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Lower Saxony
North Rein-Westphalia

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