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Novi Dvori, Croatia

Novi dvori are a fortificated complex that’s consisted of the castle, the chapel of st. Josip, the Jelačić family tomb, pleasure garden, orchard, and buildings for servants, vegetable garden and a park-forest.

Castle was built in the beginning of 16 th century and in 1851 it was bought by famous Croatian ruler Josip Jelačić. Novi Dvori was owned by Jelačić family until 1934 when sisters Vera and Anka gave them to the Croatian people. The gothic chapel of st. Josip was built from the stones which were once part of Zagreb cathedral that got badly damaged in an earthquake. When Josip Jelačić’s 9-months daughter suddenly died in Czechoslovakia, she was buried in the family tomb situated in the chapel. Josip and his brother Antun were also buried there. After 1945, the chappel was robbed and the tomb was desecrated. In 1991, before the renovation of the chapel, mortal remains were temporarily placed at the town cemetery and in 1992, they were returned to the renovated family tomb.


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