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Castles of Europe

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Castles in Holland
Castles in the Netherlands, which were in the Middle Ages defensive structures, changed during the Renaissance into residences. Today these castle residences serve as museums, hotels, restaurants. Entering into cold, quiet walls gives the visitor a pleasure of moving back in time.

Slot ZuylenCastle Zuylen, Holland (Museum, Restaurant)
This 16th-century castle is situated just outside Utrecht in the charming village of Oud-Zuilen. The castle features a museum accessible with a tour guide, centred on one of its most famous inhabitants, writer Belle van Zuylen.

Castles of Poland
Poland, historically a big country between its two powerful neighbors - Germany and Russia, had through its geographical situation a dramatic past. Today, its many castles certify to this defensive effort. Apart from them, you will find in Poland several medieval castles of the German Teutonic Order, built to repress the local population. The really incomaparable - Malbork, is probably the biggest gothic castle on earth.

Uniejow CastleUniejow castle, Poland (Hotel)
Bishop’s Castle in Uniejow is situated on the left lower bank of the river Warta, while the small town of Uniejów is located on the right, higher bank of the river; built in the XIV century on a plan of a rectangle, with one strong, round tower. Today the castle is a luxury hotel.

Estonia castles
From 13th century Estonia has been ruled by Germans, Danes, Swedes and Russians, who all have left behind fortified buildings and estates.

Kureassaare castle EstoniaKuressaare castle, Estonia (Museum)
Kuressaare Castle is a unique medieval Bishop’s fortress, the oldest parts of which date back to the 13th century. With its massive late Gothic building and two imposing towers the fortress constitutes an impressive landmark in the island’s capital.

Slovakia castles
Castles in Slovakia can be divided into those which have been restored, and those which have fallen into ruin. Every region of the country offers some of each. Restored castles, some of which were never fortified and therefore are in fact palaces, offer a glimpse of how the wealthy lived.

Bratislava castleBratislava castle, Slovakia (Museum)
A medieval castle on the hill above the old town dominates the capital of Slovakia. The castle houses a museum and provides an excellent view of the town and further afield. A romatic place to go.

Castle hotel TartufCastle hotel Tartuf (Hotel)
The manor house is situated near Nitra. It was built in 1820 by an aristocratic family and later was used as a residence by other noble families, later rebuilt in a neoclassicism style. Recently the manor has been converted into luxurious castle hotel.


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